A Model for a Reintegrated Musicology

Zemtsovsky, Izaly I. (Articol)

“Twentieth-century musicology is divided. Its reintegration is a mission for the twenty-first. The domains we need to integrate include musicology (with all its historical and theoretical branches), ethnomusicology, and anthropology (with all its approaches — historical, sociological, cultural, biological and psychological). The last is the key, because the most effective way to integrate all music-centered disciplines would be the “anthropologization” of musicology: in other words, its transformation from a text-oriented discipline to one oriented toward human culture. The prefix ethno ought eventually to be recognized not as a contentious term, but as a universal category for all fields in the humanities. To ensure equality in the process of reintegration, we must add it to the theoretical base of all music studies. This is the best way to achieve a synthesis of musicology and anthropology. The key concept for such a synthesis is ethnohearing. This term is introducing here to denote the way we inevitably perceive and make music according to our own auditory experience. Ethnohearing, which is a foundation of music-ethnic identity, belongs to all of us as ethnophores and therefore can be a unifying force in music studies rather than a badge of difference.”

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2009, nr. 1-2