Alexandru I. Amzulescu (December the 4th, 1921 – August the 9th, 2011)

Ispas, Sabina (Articol)

“Al.I. Amzulescu was an influential field collector, transcriber, and researcher of the nowadays “C. Brăiloiu” Institutue of Ethnography and Folklore (of the Romanian Academy) in Bucharest. He specialized in Balladry Song and Singing, and wrote many papers, essays and books that marked the development of the folk poetry research in Romania. The present paper evokes his human and scholarly profile, and quote from institutional, formal reports that his colleagues wrote on him in the 1950s and the 1960s.”

Cuvinte cheie: Alexandru I. Amzulescu, Amzulescu, Archives, Ballads, Folklore Research, Institute of Ethnography and Folklore, and Revista de etnografie şi folclor

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2012, nr. 1-2