Antecedents, Possibilities and Prospects of Research of the Present (Excerpts from the Work and Plans of the Institute of Ethnology of the H.A.S.)

Balogh, Balázs (Articol)

“The necessity of constantly renewing the various academic disciplines is a basic truth, which is even more valid for ethnography. The social transformations ensuing from changes in European societies, the ever more rapid dissolution of peasantry, acculturation and globalization by necessity spur the discipline to changes in theoretical approach and methodological renewal so that it may be able to interpret all such new social processes and phenomena. The essay gives a glimpse into the main recent avenues of inquiry and research topics occurring within the Institute of Ethnology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.”

Cuvinte cheie: Local Societies, Present Research, Regional Research, Roma Population, Social Analysis, and Urban Ethnography

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2010, nr. 1-2