Aspects concernant l’étude mixte-longitudinale de la croissance des enfants et adolescents de Bucarest et du Couloir Bran-Rucăr

Luca, Eleonora; Badrajan, Georgeta; Savu, A.; Vulpe, C.; Ciuhuţa, M. Şt.; Petrescu, Monica ; Leasevici, N. (Articol)

“Our paper represents a modest homage for the MD Th. Enăchescu, Doctor of Medicine and anthropologist, who, through his rich and complex activity, had a dominant role in the continuity and development of the Romanian anthropology after the WW2. The partial results from the (unpublished) longitudinal study regarding the body growth of the children with ages ranged from 3-18 years from two different living environments, an urban area (Bucharest) and a highland rural area (Rucăr-Bran corridor), are presented. The research was conducted between 1977 to 1985, like, many other Romanian studies, in accordance with the international auxological research. The evolution of the two most important markers, height and weight, is presented in a percentile system through a graphic modeling of the growth progression throughout the encompassed ontogenetic stages, delineating through the distance curves the percentile channels – delayed, medium and advanced growth types. The most spectacular graphic representations are those of the successive growth rates. Through annual survey, at the same date, of the same subjects, it is a longitudinal study. By losing of some subjects and adding of others throughout the project’s time, it is a mixed-longitudinal study. The final samples contain an impressive number of subjects (49,574 – a real cohort!): 19,753 boys and 19,762 girls from Bucharest, respectively 4,963 boys and 5,096 girls from the highland villages (an altitude of 700 – 1,300 meters) of the Rucăr-Bran corridor. The study shows the growth differences related to the life environment, age and gender, but its originality and importance is revealed through the methodological and applied aspect regarding the appreciation of the normality of growth and development as a mass or/and individual phenomenon. ”

Cuvinte cheie: growth, growth rate, growth types, longitudinal study, and percentiles

Annuaire Roumain d'Anthropologie

2015, Tom 52, p. 17-31