Benjamin Stonehill’s Archive of Recorded Songs in Yiddish, Polish, Russian – New York City, 1948

Packard, Craig (Articol)

“The author and his collaborator have recently begun working with a sound archive amassed by Benjamin Stonehill, an amateur collector, who recorded over 1000 songs from Yiddish-speaking displaced persons who were resettling in New York City in 1948. We are categorizing, transcribing, and translating the unaccompanied songs, preparing some for public presentation by a small band of singers and instrumentalists. We will make the digitized tracks available via a Website, along with commentary, cross-referencing, background, and context – to the extent possible.”

Cuvinte cheie: displaced persons, New York City, songs, and Yiddish

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2014, nr. 1-2