Catholics of Moldavia and the Universe of their Traditional Culture

Ciubotaru, Ion H. (Articol)

“This paper is the sketch of an ample monographic study which surveys all the components of traditional civilization and spirituality in the Moldavian catholic- villages and in connection with the folklore and peasant civilization in Romania. First, our attention concentrates on the rural settlements, architectural structures, foundation rituals, and ancient conceptions at the heart of the household microcosm . Then follows the presentation of the folk holiday outfits. All the genres and species of the folk literature and music follow, making these pages an almost complete surveys of the common heritage that prove the Romanian origin of all Catholics in Moldavia.”

Cuvinte cheie: Catholics, Csang6, Ethnicity, Folk Customs, Folklore, Hungarians, Identity, and Moldavia

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2009, nr. 1-2