Conservation of Material Support for Immaterial Heritage

Rădvan, Roxana; Simileanu, Monica (Articol)

“The present paper reports preliminary results generated by a trans-disciplinary research concerning a modern multimedia archive design. The simple conservation norms’ implementation is mandatory, yet, this is not an easy work and there will never be sufficient efforts done. Despite the knowledge of so many physical and chemical mechanisms of degradation, of the validated protocols for deposits’ management, the current case study is complex because of the significant number of mixed media. The project’s originality is coming from the trans-disciplinary approach that involved long term environmental control, decontamination, objects’ investigation for individual evaluation of the conservation status, digitization, new storage conditions, and constant monitoring of conservation conditions. If many conservation norms are known and applied – but are exclusively in restorers/’conservators’/archivists’ responsibility – the new investigation facilities highlight information that must be studied and interpreted by historians, ethnographers, folklorists. This multiannual research project is based on the usage of special portable and/or transportable technical equipments, which we consider highly recommendable in respect to any heritage collection.”

Cuvinte cheie: archive, conservation, digitization, and immaterial heritage

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2013, nr. 1-2