Correlations between Traditional European Music and Art Music

Leontiuc, Laura (Articol)

“During time several classifications of the musical phenomenon were made. Less known are those made by Romanian musicologists and ethnomusicologists Liviu Dănceanu (Introduction to the Epistemology of Music, 2003), Speranța Rădulescu (Musical Landscapes in Romania in the 20th Century, 2002) and Valentin Timaru (Dictionary of Musical Terms, 2004). Considering the inspiration composers take from traditional music there are some questions that the study tries to answer. The first question is how many types of composers can be identified? The second is which are the methods used by composers and the third question is how do they use this methods. Concerning this third aspect the article contains examples of folkloric genres as seen by some composers. It also contains information about the genres, which was made available through the ethnoMars engine.”

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2009, nr. 1-2