Ethnographic Landscapes in Dobrogea

David, Lucian (Articol)

“This article opens with some generalities about the meanings of the word landscape (geographical, cultural/ethnographical landscape). Geographically, Dobrogea – and here I refer to the Northern, major side, which belongs to Romania – is a mixture between old and new, with a very interesting ethnic and confessional components. Having a very rich, thus, favorable environment, the human being hallmarked the Dobrogea territory in complex ways: creating a variety of ethnographic landscapes. The paper describes in details several such humanly-framed landscapes: piscatorial, pastoral, viticultural, agrarian, sylvan, etc.”

Cuvinte cheie: agrarian landscape, arboreal landscape, cultural landscape, Dobrogea, ethnographic landscape, natural landscape, pastoral landscape, piscatorial landscape, sylvan landscape, and viticultural landscape

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2013, nr. 1-2