From Traditional Romanian Music to the New Folkloric Music (1900-1960)

Popa, Florinela (Articol)

“The aim of this paper was to emphasize the possibilities (and limits) of documentation and research offered by ethnoMars. As documentation source on traditional Romanian music I consulted Bela Bartók and Constantin Brăiloiu collections in the ZTI, and also in the AIMP archives. Where new folklore is concerned, I used the documentation found in the IEF digital archive. I’ve tried to approach this topic by emphasizing the “novelty elements” which appear in the so called new folkloric music and which are considered different from the traditional music. Along with a comparative look over the two kinds of music, I considered necessary a correlation of the way the new folklore of the 1950s is reflected in collections and studies of that time with the existing data in the IEF digital archive (although this data could be incomplete). The main points which I refer to are: I. The concepts traditional music vs. new folkloric music; II. Methodological aspects of peasant/new folk music research; III. Typologies of performers; IV. A stylistic description of new songs (traditional genres vs. the genres of new folklore; the thematic or the Socialist realism content of the new song; rhythmical and melodic features of the new song).”

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2009, nr. 1-2