Hamamönü, Reconfiguring an Ankara Neighborhood

Dorroll, Courtney M. (Articol)

“This article analyzes the architectural voice of the Islamic bourgeoisie by evaluating the government-funded urban renewal project in Ankara’s Hamamӧnü neighborhood. This ethnographic case study explores how the AK Party is framing Ottoman history and remaking the Turkish urban landscape through urban development projects. An analysis of the case of Hamamönü demonstrates that the Altındağ Municipality has used its restoration project to inscribe the AK Party’s vision of institutionalized Neo-Ottomanism and neoliberalism onto the urban space of Ankara, a process that epitomizes the spatial politics of Erdoğanian Neo-Ottomanism in contemporary Turkey. This project represents a shift in cultural capital in a key district of the Turkish capital away from traditional Kemalist visions of Turkish heritage and toward the use of Ottoman nostalgia that underpins the social vision of the pious Turkish Sunni Muslim bourgeoisie that forms the AK Party’s basis of political support. My work investigates the AK Party’s Islamic form of neoliberalism with Pierre Bourdieu’s concept of cultural capital.”

Cuvinte cheie: Ethnography, Neo-Ottomanism and Cultural Capital, and Turkish Studies

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2016, nr. 1-2, p. 55-86