Informatization of the Funds of the Folklore Archive in Bucharest

Teodoreanu, Nicolae; Rentea, Cosmin (Articol)

“The paper describes the steps taken since 2000 by the Sound Archive of “C. Brăiloiu” Institute for Ethnography and Folklore in the process of digitizing its sonorous funds and of creating its correspondent electronic database. This process was included from the very beginning in the Institute’s plan of academic fundamental research and, supplementary, was supported by different national and international collaboration projects, among which the European Project ethnoArc (2006-2008) was the most significant one. ethnoArc focused on creating one common, portable and flexible interface for distributed field collections from four different ethnomusicological archive sources, enabling the access of the international scientific community to their catalogues. For this purpose, ethnoArc provided some software and services like: DB Manager, a software for data management and ethnoMARS, a search engine over the interconnected archives, tools which have been available as open-source since the end of the project. For Bucharest Archive, the project yielded anetectronic database with a complex, exhaustive structure, reflecting a multi-layered digital archive, as well as a set of procedures and workflows, which will regulate all future IT and digitization activities in the Institute’s Archive.”

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2009, nr. 1-2