Insuccesul în cercetarea de teren

Narcisa, Știucă (Articol)

“In this paper we identify and comment three categories of abortions: those traceable to communication dysfunction, those that are a result of the traditional rules defiance, and finally the vagueness of methods application. We present some aspects ot the relation established between the researcher and the community trying to explain the reticence of the people towards the research demarche. Reading the methodological studies of Ov. Bîrlea, H. H. Stahl, and I. Diaconu, we found some advices, explanations and solutions for a better communication with the informers and for an effective use of ethnological methods.”

Cuvinte cheie: cercetare de teren, comunicare orală, direct observation, Field Research, methods, metodologie, observație directă, and oral communications

Anuarul Institutului de Etnografie și Folclor „Constantin Brăiloiu”

2010, Tom 21, p. 53-62