Music, History and Identity in the Liturgy of the Spanish-Portuguese Jews

Marks, Essica (Articol)

“Among the varied Jewish liturgies one tradition stands out as different and unique – the Spanish-Portuguese one. The article will describe the special historical circumstances that lead to the creation of a new liturgical music by the Spanish-Portuguese Jews – forced conversion to Christianity and later returning to Judaism. The music described here was influenced by the liturgical music of the Jewish communities in Morocco and the Ottoman Empire combined with Western music of the 17th and 18th centuries. The article will examine the four musical genres of the Spanish-Portuguese music and will show the connections between the history of this community and its liturgical music.”

Cuvinte cheie: history and music, Sephardi-Portuguese Jews, and Sephardi-Portuguese liturgical music

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2016, nr. 1-2, p. 107-124