Occupy the Cyberspace. The Sofistication of Protest Movements through Virtual Communities’ Effort

Stoiciu, Gabriel (Articol)

“Nowadays, except some sporadic anti-globalization protests, no significant social cause seems raising a powerful response, even if a major economic crisis strikes almost the entire world. These facts made me prepare and carry out a fieldwork in France, aiming to reveal if the youth still has the necessary attitude and energy to start and support a mass protest and, in the same time, what cause would lead to such manifestation. I chose University of Nanterre (the place of initiation of ’68 movements in Paris) to conduct my research as participant observer during my 2008-2009 postdoctoral fellowship. The main object of this paper is to offer an original image of youth involvement in public debates and especially students’ participation to “civic engagement”. The time factor – what happened in 1968 and what is happening now – is also very relevant for this research because of inter-generational debate. This diachronic comparison also leads to discussion about increasing number and variety of products in media technology and, accordingly, its increased influence on public attitudes. Participant observation and interviews provided important data about the public events of student groups in Paris. I also used visual techniques, which enriched the information.”

Cuvinte cheie: cyberspace, Parisian academia, social movements, and virtual communities

Annuaire Roumain d'Anthropologie

2015, Tom 52, p. 89-97