Sts. Cyril and Methodius – From National to Ethnic Boundaries

Anastasova, Ekaterina (Articol)

“The holy brothers Cyril and Methodius are the creators of Slavic alphabet and translators of Orthodox holy books, and they are famous not only in the all Orthodox and Catholic Slavic World. They are very important for EU-spiritual life as well, especially after 1980, when they were announced by Pop Joan Paul II as holy patrons of Europe. From 2008 the research team of the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore studies with Ethnographic Museum (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) study the feast of the holy brothers in national and transnational perspective. The space of field work includes almost all Slavic countries and the places of holy brothers in Western Europe (Italy and Germany) as well. The feast of Sts. Cyril and St. Methodius (11/24th May) and the life and work of the two brothers take a central place in Bulgarian state building process and in the Bulgarian national paradigm as well. The paper deals with the role of the feast of Sts. Cyril and Methodius in the process of Bulgarian nation consolidation, in the period of the National Renaissance, and with the place of the myth of Holy Brothers in the interethnic relations in Bulgaria (case of town of Sozopol).”

Cuvinte cheie: Cyril and Methodius, ethnic boundaries, national borders, and state building process

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2012, nr. 1-2