Tales We Tell Are Tales We Dwell: The Tale between Belief-Tale and Fairytale

Benga, Ileana (Articol)

“This study represents the promised ‘half’ of elaboration over the fictionalization square, a common ground achievement, as early as the year 2000, stemmed from the common work, archival, theoretical and in the field, with Bogdan Neagota, whose own ‘half’ mirrors mine in the pages of this volume. I have developed it into the triangle of the narrative continuum of the tale of oral tradition, aligning what I had identified as the four degrees of memorata, and directing their extremes, i.e. the belief-tale in the first person and the description, into the fairytale, as the most complex narrative genre to be found within folkloric cultures like the Romanian one. The criterion I used is the temporal development of the narrated plot: the tense of the tale is elucidating, for all the folding and unfolding processes of the narrative nucleus during transmission. Traditional transmission of cultural facts is narrative as well as syntactic, so that the tales being told as folk-lore are, for their storytellers, vehicles and modes of enactment of communication requirements, both of their groups and of their own.”

Cuvinte cheie: fairytale, fictionalization, memorata, narratives, Story, and tale

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2013, nr. 1-2