The Frost

Ispas, Sabina (Articol)

“This essay puts together the historical and legendary facts connectable to the descriptions in the ballad Gerul (The Frost) – the human hero who foolishly challenges the great forces of Nature – with the contemporary worries and dangers of man trying to control and subdue the Nature and Cosmos. In this light, the old ballad proves to demonstrate and herald a lasting pedagogy, for it was never more important to discuss ecology and global balance than today, when humankind is so aware of the fragility of existing on the planet Earth and that the responsibility relies on people and their attitude towards Nature. Historical interpretations (mainly of comparative and historical research) are summoned.”

Cuvinte cheie: Ecology, Environment, epos, Frost, Genesis of Folk Ballad, Hero, Pasha (Commander), Sun, and Wind

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2011, nr. 1-2