The Koroghlu epic: its origin and dissemination areas (on the basis of Azerbaijan and Turkey versions)

Ismayilova, Elza (Articol)

“Nowadays there is a very long tradition of epos in a wide geography, spreading from the Middle Asia to the Balkans. The epic Koroghlu plays an important role among the common values of the Turkish people. In this study, which we have taken on the collected texts from Azerbaijan and Turkey, researchers on Koroghlu is widely introduced. Detailed information is given about identity of Koroghlu, the hero of epic. Koroghlu was one of the leaders of the Jelali revolts in Anatolia, which he was lived in the late 16th century, in the beginning of the 17th century and he was a historical person, but he is idealized as a hero. It is justified that he was an ashug poet. At the same time, the article also shows that the era and sprawl area of the heroic epic Koroghlu has turned into a subject that has attracted the attention of researchers, travelers and folklore lovers.”

Cuvinte cheie: Anatolia, Azerbaijan, epos, Jelali, Koroghlu, revolt, and Turkic world

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2018, nr. 1-2, p. 123-136