Through a Glass Darkly: Making Sense of the Empirical Data of Performance

Dettmann, Christine (Articol)

“Given that musical performance is created in intersubjective construction, different styles of ethnographies can come into play. Taking two examples of my fieldwork experience, I focus on the analytical challenge posed by the transformation of empirical data into an ethnography of performance. Here, a closer look can for instance reveal slight discrepancies between the verbal accounts of the stakeholders and my own observation or experience of the performance. I resolve these ambiguities under different epistemological conditions. Yet, the similar outcomes suggest a flexible handling of ethnographic writing styles. The emphasis lies therefore on foregrounding this analytical path of transformation into an ethnography, calling it «performing ethnography».”

Cuvinte cheie: Brazilian Culture, Capoeira, Ethnography, and Performance

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2010, nr. 1-2