Artizanatul țărănesc și identitatea etnică în trei comunități sătești din Banat, Dobrogea și Transilvania

Constantin, Marin (Articol)

“The article is a research report concerning the relationship between artisanship and ethnicity in three ethnographic locations in Romania today, among peasants of Hungarian, Turkish, and Croatian ethnic identity. Crafts are described as expressing one’s ethnicity through the material and symbolical means of artefacts. However, the artisans’ attachments to their own ethnic groups appear as considerably varying in accordance with factors like the effectiveness of craft specialisation, the market openness of crafts, the cases of multicultural cohabitation, and the modernisation of rural life.”

Anuarul Institutului de Etnografie și Folclor „Constantin Brăiloiu”

2008, Tom 19, p. 121-126