„C-un picior te-oi legăna, cu gura te-oi dezmierda”. Cântecul de leagăn în contemporaneitate

Șulea, Elena (Articol)

“At the basis of the article are terms and visions suggested by the ethnomusicology professor Ghizela Sulițeanu, in her paper Cântecul de leagăn (The Lullaby) – reference material for this category of Romanian musical folklore. Tracking the essence of this paper there are treated subjects such as: etymology, versification, rhythm, melody and form. With the help of a last minute transcription (a lullaby recorded in 2007, played by Valeria Virag, a 76 years old lady from Dămuc village in Neamț area) we have realized a portrait of the lullaby song.”

Anuarul Institutului de Etnografie și Folclor „Constantin Brăiloiu”

2008, Tom 19, p. 195-200