„Doamne, buzele mele voi deschide…”. Comentarii asupra mișcării corale adventiste din România. Perioada cuprinsă între anii 1907 și 1960 (I)

Ciuciu, Mariana (Articol)

“In the last two decades, the neoprotestant mouvements in Romania manifest themselves mroe and more powerfully, each denomination transmitting the Christian message outside its church. The song, especially the choral singing, has a very important role in this externalisation process. Classic or modern, the methods go along with the transmission paths of oral traditions. This paper aims at familiarizing the reader with the Adventist choral acivity, as in this church the choir is an important tool for building up a specific education and culture.”

Cuvinte cheie: Advent, Adventism, cântare, and cor

Anuarul Institutului de Etnografie și Folclor „Constantin Brăiloiu”

2010, Tom 21, p. 125-134