Indoor Microclimate Monitoring For Long-Term Conservation of the Archive of the Institute of Ethnography and Folklore „Constantin Brăiloiu” Multimedia Collection

Rădvan, Roxana; Ratoiu, Lucian; Chelmuș, Alexandru (Articol)

“This paper presents two related aspects which reflect the interest in multimedia archive management and preventive conservation. First, an overview of the national program Folkmedia – Folkloric Multimedia Deposit is presented, in order to understand the context and the strategy developed for the Archive of the Institute of Ethnography and Folklore „Constantin Brăiloiu” from Bucharest. The second aspect treated in this paper aims to highlight the importance of indoor microclimate monitoring, as an integrated and mandatory stage of the preventive conservation strategy from the Folkmedia Project. A relevant selection from the monitoring process is presented in order to outline the significance of Temperature (T) and Relative Humidity (RH) parameters in a multimedia collection deposit. As a characteristic of the project a special attention is given to the relation of complementarity established between the main activities. Gradually, all significant steps comprised in Folkmedia are treated in order to enhance the complexity of this multidisciplinary project.”

Cuvinte cheie: microclimate monitoring, multimedia archive, and preventive conservation

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2017, nr. 1-2, p. 152-171