Le meurtre de l’enfant dans les rituels de sorcellerie: commentaires sur un stéréotype culturel

Pop-Curşeu, Ioan (Articol)

“This paper retraces the history of a stereotype: the ritual infanticide that the witches perpetrate during the Sabbath. The basis of this history, which may be interesting for scholars of various domains (anthropology, folklore studies, comparative literature), is a group of texts on witchcraft, published between the 16th and the 17th centuries and signed by the so-called “demonologists” Jean Bodin, Martin del Rio, Pierre de Lancre, Henri Boguet and Jean Wier. The cross-cultural analysis applied on these texts aims at showing that the stereotype of the ritual infanticide has two main sources: the fear of the “Other” experienced by the dominant groups in the western society at the beginning of the modern era, and the pathology of melancholy, as it was defined by a tradition going from the late Antiquity to Renaissance and the baroque period.”

Cuvinte cheie: fear, infanticide, melancholy, risk, Sabbath, and witches

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2011, nr. 1-2