Looking for the balanced eye of the coyote. Epistemological questions

Jiga Iliescu, Laura (Articol)

“The gesture of Barre Toelken, to send back to the American Navajos the tapes which contained the ritual Songs of the Coyote enlarged the problematic field of the ambiguous position of the folklorist as simultaneously being an insider and an outsider of the studied community; the question of truth, both from emic and etic perspectives; the free circulation and access to any kind of information. The author opens a discussion of these questions not only as ethic and deontological issues, but as epistemological as well.”

Cuvinte cheie: Barre Toelken, contextualizarea și decontextualizarea ritualului, etica adevărului, etica și deontologia cercetării folcloristice, and nativi americani Navajo

Anuarul Institutului de Etnografie și Folclor „Constantin Brăiloiu”

2010, Tom 21, p. 37-44