Meanings as Culturally Bound Objects. A Possible Position

Damian, Ilinca (Articol)

“This paper brings some theoretical observations towards the research of art objects in the domain of sociocultural anthropology. In this paper I am proposing a new approach to understanding the act of giving meanings to art objects and the methodological possibilities that can be drawn from this approach. To justify my approach I use mainly the research of Renato Rosaldo and Clifford Geertz. This critique builds the basis for a system of relations between meanings and the art object generating them, briefly presented as the Satellite Syndrome, where I consider the meanings as being satellites of the art object, able to translate one or several interrelated elements constituting the artwork. A methodological quest starting from this point will guide the researcher into tracing the elements that lead to the art object discussed. By concluding that an absolutist meaning is impossible to reach, this paper leads to a type of analytic research capable of tracing elements of abstraction and inconsistences that may lead to an Idea able to translate and reorganize itself in order to be observed and looked upon by those interested.”

Cuvinte cheie: art objects, crisis in anthropology, innocent observer, meaning, and sociocultural anthropology

Annuaire Roumain d'Anthropologie

2015, Tom 52, p. 75-87