Music and Identity: Varied Aspects in the Singing of an Arab Israeli Singer

Marks, Essica (Articol)

“This article explores the singing of a female singer as expressing aspects of gender and vocality that are related to culture and multiculturalism. Singer Lubna Salameh is a Christian Arab woman that currently lives in the Western Galilee. A citizen of lsrael and a member of Israel’s Arab minority, Lubna Salameh is a professional singer who appears in Israel and abroad, and is today considered to be one of the leading Arab singers in Israel. The article presents Lubna as culturally plural: in terms of religion, she is Christian; in terms of culture, she belongs to Middle Eastern Arab musical culture; in terms of nationality, she is Israeli citizen. Her singing will be examined following several main aspects: the relations between gender and ethnic, religious and national aspects; the singer’s vocality will be discussed first as concerned with the audible voice and the construction of the non verbal meanings, another aspect will be the performative dimension of Lubna’s vocal expression, and another issue will be vocality as a cultural construct. The repertoire of the singer will be examined as gendered culture.”

Cuvinte cheie: Arab Music, Gender and Music, Gendered Musical Culture, Multiculturalism, Music in Israel, and Vocality

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2010, nr. 1-2