Non-Islamic elements of funerals in Central Asia, Uzbekistan: a comparison of the funerals and traditional spiritual beliefs of the Uzbeks and the Yakuts

Soo, Kim Min; Oh, Lee Jong (Articol)

“The aim of this paper is to examine non-Islamic elements of Uzbek funerals. This study compares each stage of the traditional funerals of the Uzbeks and those of the Yakuts. A number of Uzbek funeral elements generally believed as remnants of Zoroastrianism, which are similar especially to those of Tajiks’ in Fergana Region, are observed in the Yakut funerals. The professional undertaker system and the public’s attitudes towards them share some common elements with those of Yakuts. Additional common elements between the traditional funerals of the Uzbeks and Yakuts include various taboos based on fear towards dead bodies, using the mourning services of a professional mourner, building houses for spirits at gravesites, and ancestral rites. However, there is no evidence that either Zoroastrianism or Islam influenced on funeral rites of Turkic Yakuts. Thus, this indicates that the common elements in the traditional funeral system of the Uzbeks and the Yakuts have closer relations with the funeral rites of the Old Turks, rather than those of either Zoroastrianism or Islam.”

Cuvinte cheie: Central Asia, Common elements of Turks, Non-Islamic element, Traditional funeral, Uzbeks, and Yakuts

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2018, nr. 1-2, p. 87-108