Preliminary Documentation and Investigation of the IEF Archive by Means of Multispectral Imaging

Ratoiu, Lucian Cristian; Neamu, Cristina (Articol)

“This article expands a section of a large project concerning the preservation, display and storage conditions of a huge archival fund (belonging to the Folklore Archives of the “Constantin Brăiloiu” Institute of Ethnography and Folklore, Romanian Academy, Bucharest). Loss of readability is the most significant effect produced by the degradation process on historical documents. Whether it was caused by the aging mechanism of paper, ink or graphite degradation, repeated handling, staining or other factors related to the state of preservation, loss of readability automatically implies loss of information. In order to enhance the texts’ visibility and to use the acquisitions in the documentation-investigation process, with the purpose of emphasizing the conservation status of the IEF archive, an imagistic technique was applied. Developed in parallel with the digitization phase, multispectral analysis, complementarily, superimposes and provides added value by enabling access to specialized information. The use of this nondestructive, noncontact imagistic technique and the capability to be associated with other complementary methods leads to the a better understanding of the archive’s documents, and contributes directly in establishing a viable methodology for preventive conservation, based on systematic monitoring and control over the storage conditions. Further description of the criteria that led to selection and the access path of the results are presented as well, along with some analyzed documents.”

Cuvinte cheie: archive, digitization, documentation, heritage conservation, investigation, MSI (multispectral imaging), and nondestructive technique

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2014, nr. 1-2