The Gypsy-Witch: Social-Cultural Representations, Fascination and Fears

Pop-Curşeu, Ioan (Articol)

“This article aims to investigate a fundamental stereotype in the European mindset, that of the Gypsy-witch, with data from the Romanian culture as a starting point. The methods used come from the field of cultural anthropology, history of social representations and comparative literature. The variety of methodologies aims to decrypt the complex way in which certain Roma identity formulas were created. The first part presents a few Gypsy-witch portraits in Romanian literature (Ion Budai-Deleanu, Matei Millo, Vasile Voiculescu), trying to understand how the writers’ fascination with the magical universe of the Roma operates. The second section expands the investigation framework and shows how very old xenophobic social representations are at the origin of the fascination games in art and literature. Finally, the concluding part of the text addresses how the Gypsy-witch has adapted to the mass media era and how she has managed to survive centuries of persecution and xenophobia.”

Cuvinte cheie: literature, Roma, Romanian culture, social representations, witchcraft, and xenophobia

Revista de etnografie și folclor / Journal of Ethnography and Folklore

2014, nr. 1-2